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Talk to family law attorney in Austin, TX

Arguing over who gets what in a divorce doesn't serve anyone. Settle matters peacefully with the help of a family law attorney. At the Law Office of JD Slaughter, your family is Mr. Slaughter's priority. He will help you navigate the complicated world of family law easily.

Mr. Slaughter can also help with matters related to guardianship, surrogacy and post-decree modifications. He wants to help families start the next chapter of their lives without worry. Call 512-808-0280 now to schedule a consultation with a family law attorney.

Add a new member to your family

Adoption is one of the greatest things that you can do for a child in need, but the adoption process can feel overwhelming. If you need an adoption attorney in Austin, TX, look no further than Mr. Slaughter. He will help you with the paperwork, filing process and court hearings until you bring home your newest family member.

Choose Mr. Slaughter as your adoption attorney. He will be with your family every step of the way.